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Canterbury Tales Theatrical Audios

The Wife of Bath's complete Prologue and Tale (with excerpts from the General Prologue) will be available by March 31 on CD or as a download. Pre-order Now and be one of the first to receive what will certainly be the BEST recording of the Wife of Bath's Tale ever!
Enjoy two of the most colorful characters ever created -- Sir Knight and the Wife of Bath, Pilgrims to Canterbury.  Revel in her wild five husband ride and her vivid tale from King Arthur's Court, with faeries and a fearsome crone.  A knight races against time to save his own life when the imperious Queen Guinevere sends him on a desperate quest to discover the elusive answer to man's greatest mystery:


Featuring Becky Parker as the Wife of Bath, David Abad as Sir Knight, David Rosenthal as the Host, and a mystery guest Carl Sands as Chaucer.
CD  $18 (plus $1.49 tax to CA residents, plus $2.50 shipping and handling)
Download $16 (plus $1.32 tax to CA residents)
Or call 415-491-0818.