“Spectacular Series!”
 Pacific Sun, Patrick Sullivan

“Chaucer & Co.’s contribution to Bay Area theater is uniquely impressive!”
 San Francisco Bay Times,
 Gene Price

“Wildly talented!”
 Marin Independent Journal,
 Beth Ashley

“This is wonderful theatre, finely performed, the stuff generations should see!”
 Novato Advance, Mary Connell

  San Francisco Weekly, Michael Scott Moore

“Liaisons turns Chaucer into gold!”
 Marin Independent Journal, Charles Brousse



Presenter quotes from the 2003 Geoffrey Chaucer and Co. U.K. tour of the Clerk and Merchant's Tales

Dee Ashworth, Gulbenkian Theatre Presenter, Kent University in Canterbury, England. 
"The Clerk and the Merchant's Tales performance here at the Gulbenkian Theatre was excellent! Geoffrey Chaucer and Co.'s American perspective on the Canterbury Tales is fantastic!"

Viv Green, Longborough University Presenter, Longborough, England.

"I haven't seen seen anything better than this at the [Royal Shakespeare's] Swan Theatre. "

 Phyllis Brown, Associate Professor of English, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California:
I first became acquainted with John and Becky Geist when they staged a performance for a meeting of medievalists at Stanford University several years ago. Since then I have attended their thoughtful and engaging productions every year. Because my experience with them has been so positive and pleasurable, I welcome the opportunity to express my praise for their work...

Their performances are always delightful and lively, as well as intelligent and thoughtfully nuanced, inviting experienced medievalists and students new to Chaucer’s art to engage with themes and language of the poem in significant ways.

I have also been pleased and encouraged by the professional business relations I have had with Chaucer & Co. over the years... John and Becky have always been extraordinarily flexible and generous with their time.”

Charles Muscatine, author of " Chaucer and the French Tradition"

"Geoffrey Chaucer and Co. manages to be scholarly, authentic, funny, and charmingly musical at the same time: Not to be missed!" 

Sally Hogarty
Managing Director Committee for Lectures, Art and Music,
St. Mary's College

We were fortunate to have Geoffrey Chaucer and Company as part of our 2001-2002 season. The company performed Fortune and the Flattered Cock, a retelling of Chaucer’s tales of the Monk and Nun’s Priest. The production was sponsored by the Committee for Lectures, Art and Music and our Collegiate Seminar program. Students in the seminar program are required to read several of The Canterbury Tales during the school year.

Fortune and the Flattered Cock was well received by our combined audience of students, faculty, staff, and community members. Approximately 320 people attended the one time only performance. The actors were excellent, using their myriad of talents to make Chaucer’s characters come alive. For many of our students, studying Chaucer can be a daunting task. However, following the performance by Geoffrey Chaucer and Company, our students returned to their studies with renewed enthusiasm and understanding.

Carol Spain, Executive Director, Tahoe Tallac Association South Lake Tahoe, California
“The performance was marvelous, the music a delight and the acting superb. It was our first experience with showcasing a piece by Chaucer, and it was great fun! Geoffrey Chaucer & Co. was a pleasure to collaborate with, they were competent, professional and a dream to produce the performance.”


As part of our residency options, Geoffrey Chaucer & Co. performs in high schools. Here are a few comments of teachers who have invited us to perform for their students:

“It’s the best way to bring the power of Chaucer’s insights and worldly wisdom to today’s youth. They love it and they understand it, too!” 
Debi Pavlecie, Washington High School, Fremont

The performance was professionally done and kept the students engaged with its energy and wit. It brought the written word to life, thereby making the tale more accessible.” 
Tia Brown, Pinewood School, Los Altos Hills

“Very engaging. Our students reacted positively to the performance and were turned on to Chaucer by the lively acting and humor.” 
George Wallach, Washington High School, Fremont

“The Geoffrey Chaucer & Co. performers have given me a gift to share with my students. The richness of the performers’ talents and authenticity of their portrayals offers students a framework on which to ‘hang their hats.’” 
Ellen Howerton, Washington High School, Fremont

Community setttings

Here are a few comments of activity directors and senior residents for whom we have performed in retirement communities:

“Thank you so much for bringing us these Canterbury Tales. They are simply wonderful. Please keep inviting them back!”
resident, St. Paul’s Towers, Oakland

“A real treat and a full house. We’d love to have you back.” 
Activity Director Sue Barnes, University Retirement, Davis

“You were simply magnificent!”
Resident, Claremont House, Oakland