Fully staged with medieval costumes and set pieces
Underscored with original music
Bring Chaucer alive and enrich your curriculum in a dramatic production that draws them in and holds their attention
Evokes the bawdy fun of Chaucer's tale in a family-friendly production

Becky Parker as the Wife of Bath and David Abad as Sir Knight

Artistic Director and composer:  John Geist
 Enjoy two of the most colorful characters ever created -- Sir Knight and the Wife of Bath, Pilgrims to Canterbury.  Revel in her wild five husband ride and her vivid tale from King Arthur's Court, with faeries and a fearsome crone.  A knight races against time to save his own life when the imperious Queen Guinevere sends him on a desperate quest to discover the elusive answer to man's greatest mystery:


West Coast Tour in Washington, Oregon and California March and April 2009.

“The Geoffrey Chaucer & Co. performers have given me a gift to share with my students. The richness of the performers’ talents and authenticity of their portrayals offers students a framework on which to ‘hang their hats.’” 
Ellen Howerton, Washington High School, Fremont