Geoffrey Chaucer & Co.
Team: One to seven individuals registered under the same team name.
Player: An individual registered player on a Team.
Alchemists’ Pot of Gold: The CASH PRIZE winnings for a sold-out performance, calculated as a percentage of net proceeds from ticket sales.
Alchemy: A trigger event when all the designated number of seats are sold by the end of the performance (so even late arrivals buying tickets at the door will count).
Charity: Any 501(c)3 non-profit organization, including Geoffrey Chaucer & Co.

Grand Prize:
It is the full intention of GCC to award the Grand Prize to the winning team as soon as possible. No dates for the Canterbury Tales Festival has been yet determined and that timing will be impacted by the speed with which Teams take action. The more quickly GCC is playing to full sold-out houses (Alchemy!), the sooner the Grand Prize becomes available. We’re all on this Journey together!


Each Team earns points for purchasing tickets to GCC performances. This is the best, most effective way to win the game and experience the living dream! Buy tickets early and get friends to buy their tickets early.

Alchemy and the Alchemists’ Pots of Gold:

For each public performance, a specific number of seats will be designated, at the point that tickets go on sale, that qualifies as the number of tickets that need to be sold to be a sold-out performance. The amount of the Alchemists’ Pot of Gold winnings for a sold-out performance is also determined at this time.

When Alchemy happens, the Team with the most points at curtain time of the sold-out performance will be invited to designate a charity (any non-profit organization) or the Team itself to receive the Alchemists’ Pot of Gold CASH winnings. The amount of the Alchemists’ Pot of Gold is based on a percentage of net.

The Team with the highest point score at Alchemy will be notified of their win within 5 business days (this will become quicker as we implement more automated tracking). The Team must notify GCC of their selection of which charity is to receive the Alchemists’ Pot of Gold CASH PRIZE or if the Team wants the Alchemists’ Pot of Gold itself.

Any Charity may be designated, including Geoffrey Chaucer & Co. The Team must provide the legal name and mailing address of the Charity where GCC is to send the check. If GCC is the designated Charity, then the Team will be awarded points for “building” (donating) according to the Earn Points chart.

If the Team wants to receive the Alchemists’ Pot of Gold, then the Team must email the names and mailing addresses of all Team members within one week of the Alchemy performance’s conclusion. The Alchemists’ Pot of Gold will be evenly divided among Team members. Any pennies remaining after an even split or unclaimed prize money will be placed in GCC’s  Grand Prize account.

When Alchemy happens, ALL active Teams earn an Alchemy Bonus of 400 points. An “active” Team is one that has earned points in the 30 days leading up to the point of Alchemy. Even one Player on a Team voting to earn one point for the Team keeps a Team active.

Building: Teams can rocket their scores forward by building a Cathedral, Castle, Inn, Road, Cottage or Stable… these are all tax-deductible improvements  made by making tax-deductible* donations to GCC.  Get others to donate for even more points. It is the total Team donation amount that is credited with points as Teams progress. If the Team builds a Stable, for example, for which Players on the Team have contributed a total of $280, the Team earns 1120 points. If the Team donates $300, it earns 1200 points and has a Stable. The Building items will become more valuable as the game is developed. More to come on that. Meanwhile, building now is good and will help you later.
*confirm with your tax advisor; we checked and were told that earning points did not change the tax-deductibility Building

Building Values:

Cathedral = $11,900; Castle = $5,985; Inn = $2,975; Road = $1,190; Cottage = $595; Stable = $280.

Creating a Team:
Each Team may have one (1) to seven (7) individual players (“Players”). All points earned by the Players on the Team count toward the Team score.

Players may invite others to add to their score without being a Team member by giving the non-player the team name and code to login. However, non-registered players are not eligible for the Alchemists’ Pot of Gold winnings or Grand Prize. Teams are better off encouraging the non-member to either join their team or register as a new Team. All registered Players are opting in to receive emails from GCC.

Recruiting New Teams:

Teams are encouraged to Recruit other Teams. If a Team invites a Player to the game and a new Team is formed as a result, the Recruiter Team needs to click on the “Recruit Another Team” button on the Game Play page to send an email to GCC with the email address of the invited Players. When those Players register a new Team and the recruiting connection is verified, the Recruiter Team will thereafter earn points on purchases and donations by the recruited Team according to the Earn Points table on the Game Play page. It is the responsibility of the Recruiter Team to notify GCC of the recruited team. As the automated tracking game is further implemented, this process may change.

Players may start on a Team then later choose to start a new Team. Only one Player per new Team may split off from a Team to form a new Team. That is, two Players may not split off from the same Team to form a new Team together, but they may each form a new Team so there are two new Teams.
Withdrawing from a Team:
If for some reason a Player needs to withdraw from a Team, a Player must email GCC at  with “TEAM CHANGE” in the subject line and let us know the Team Name and Team Code you are withdrawing from. After the withdrawing Player receives an approval of the withdrawal from GCC, a new Team Code will be given to the Team Players from the Team a Player is leaving. If a Player is no longer able to play on a Team, the Team may request the removal of a Player from the Team roster to allow another Player to join the Team. GCC will verify the removal before approval and changing the Team Code.

Social Media Posting:

Social media postings must include link to the posting so we can verify. For each verified posting the Team earns 6 pts. Initially, this verification will be implemented through email: simply send an email to with your team name and the link. Subject line: “JTC posting link”.

Blog review:

Players who have seen one of GCC’s performances can post a review on a blog, email with the Journey to Canterbury Team name and the link so GCC can verify for the Team to receive 10 pts. Subject line: “JTC blog review”.

Performance Q&A:

A Team that answers a performance question correctly earns 5 pts. There are many benefits to attending performances!

Not implemented yet.
Voting will give each Team the opportunity to vote a maximum of once daily on which of the Canterbury Tales will open next. The Team receives one point per vote. Voting actually helps shape our journey to Canterbury and which tale you get to see next!

Guessing the Voting Outcome:

Not implemented yet.
Guessing correctly which of the Canterbury Tales opens next earns the Team points according to the Earn Points table on the Game Play page. A Team may only guess once and by the designated deadline, but can impact the outcome by voting daily and getting others to vote.

Pilgrim Game Play Levels:
Not implemented yet.
Each level of the game will be represented by a story-telling Canterbury pilgrim character; advance through the levels by earning points to reach threshold milestones for bonus points to be determined and included in the Terms & Conditions. There will be 23 pilgrim levels, starting with Cook.

App option not implemented yet.
Play online and/or with an app on your mobile device.

Geographical Considerations
While initially there may be advantages to being local to the SF Bay Area in terms of personal access to live performances, national and international Players may join Teams with local players to increase their scores. Additionally, players can significantly impact touring performance locations through their game activities, i.e., to what locations GCC tours nationally and internationally. Chaucer


Not implemented yet.
Earn Team points by impacting touring performance locations through personal connections and introductions.

Not implemented yet.
 Buy CDs and other stuff to earn points.

Foreign Currency:

Building (donating) in foreign currency will be credited in points according to the U.S. dollar value received by GCC.

Bonus Points
Partially implemented.

• Alchemy: all active teams earn 400 bonus points for each Alchemy

• Team with the highest number of points for ticket sales for each performance earns 80 bonus points

• First Team to reach threshold milestones (not implemented yet; more on this coming)


Point values earned for game activities may change as the game evolves.

Game Code:

Partially implemented.
Each player or team receives a personal game code to track all game activities and points.


Terms & Conditions will change as the game evolves. Alerts of changes will be posted on the game play page, but it is the responsibility of the Players to review changes. GCC is not responsible for Players knowing the terms and conditions.

Geoffrey Chaucer & Co. (“GCC”) offers the Journey to Canterbury game experience to teams and players (collectively “Team”) under the following terms & conditions:

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