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RULES (a work in progress):
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GCC: Geoffrey Chaucer & Co.
Team: One to seven individuals registered under the same team name.
Player: An individual registered player on a Team.
Alchemists’ Pot of Gold: The CASH PRIZE winnings for a sold-out performance, calculated as a percentage of net proceeds from ticket sales.
Alchemy: A trigger event when all the designated number of seats are sold by the end of the performance (so even late arrivals buying tickets at the door will count).
Charity: Any 501(c)3 non-profit organization, e.g.,  Geoffrey Chaucer & Co., Red Cross, United Way, etc.
Recruiter: A Team that causes a new Team to register for the game. Team who invited the new Team is the new Team’s Recruiter.

Goal: Be the highest scoring Team to WIN AND TAKE YOUR TEAM TO CANTERBURY!

Grand Prize: Win a dinner in your Team’s honor with Geoffrey Chaucer & Co. and tickets to the Canterbury Tales Festival in Canterbury, England, and featuring all the Canterbury Tales in performance by GCC! Earn enough points and your Team’s prize will include airfare and lodging!

Strategy: Earn points by buying tickets, attending performances, inviting other pilgrims to join the Journey to Canterbury game and spread the word, posting to social media, posting blog reviews, building castles & cathedrals (donating to GCC), using alchemy to double your score, and more. Earning lots of points early on is the best strategy, because when Alchemy happens, all active Teams receive a 400 point bonus.
The next day, attendees gain points by correctly answering a question on the Game Play page unique to that performance.

Buy Tickets:
The best first step in your winning strategy is to purchase tickets to upcoming GCC performances. Earn points and collaboratively we are all working towards Alchemy! This is the best, most effective way to win the game and experience the living dream! Buy tickets early and get friends to buy their tickets early.

Alchemy: Every time GCC sells out a performance, the Team with the most points at curtain time of the sold-out performance designates a Charity or the Team itself to receive the Alchemists’ Pot of Gold cash winnings. Any Charity may be designated, including Geoffrey Chaucer & Co. If GCC is the designated Charity, then the Team will be awarded points for “building” (donating) according to the Earn Points chart. If the Team wants to receive the Alchemists’ Pot of Gold, then the Alchemists’ Pot of Gold cash will be evenly divided among Team members.

Get an Alchemy Bonus of 400 points  every time we sell out a performance! All active Teams receive a 400 point bonus for Alchemy. You win the most by getting in the game early, earning as many points as possible early on, and staying in the game.

Creating a Team:
Your Team may have one (1) to seven (7) individual players (“Players”). All points earned by the Players on your Team are pooled to count toward the Team score. Obviously, team play has advantages and we courage you to get friends to play with you from anywhere around the world.

You may invite others to add to your Team score without being a Team member by giving the non-player the team name and code to login. However, your Team is better off encouraging the non-member to either join your team or register as a new Team.

Building: You can rocket your score forward by building a Cathedral, Castle, Inn, Road, Cottage or Stable. These are all tax-deductible improvements  made by making tax-deductible* donations to GCC.  Get others to donate for even more points. It is the total Team donation amount that is credited with points as Teams progress. If the Team builds a Stable, for example, for which Players on the Team have contributed a total of $280, the Team earns 1120 points. If the Team donates $300, it earns 1200 points and has a Stable. The Building items will become more valuable as the game is developed. (More to come on that. Meanwhile, building now is good and will help you later.)
*confirm with your tax advisor; we checked and were told that earning points did not change the tax-deductibility Building

Building Values:
Cathedral = $11,900; Castle = $5,985; Inn = $2,975; Road = $1,190; Cottage = $595; Stable = $280.

Recruiting New Teams:
You can earn exponentially more points by recruiting other Teams. If you invite a Player to the game and a new Team is formed as a result, you need to click on the “Recruit Another Team” button on the Game Play page to send an email to GCC with the email address of the invited Players. When those Players register a new Team, the your Team will thereafter earn points on purchases and donations by the recurited Team according to the Earn Points table on the Game Play page. It is the responsibility of the Recruiter Team to notify GCC that they recruited the new Team. We hope to have tracking for this automated very soon.

Players may start on a Team then later choose to start a new Team. See Terms & Conditions for how to do this.

Earn Points: Earn points for your Team by doing any or all of the following :

Bonus Points:

Levels: Each level of the game is represented by a story-telling Canterbury pilgrim character; advance through the levels by earning points to reach threshold milestones. There are 23 pilgrim levels and all Teams start at the Cook level. Earn bonus points when you reach a new level. More on this as the game develops.

Voting and the Journey Map: Our first performance on our Journey is Cahnticleer & the Fox: Nun’s Priest’s Tale. Which is next? You get to help determine that through voting. This will be set up soon. There will be three options for the next tale. First, guess which tale you think will earn the most votes. Then earn points by voting each day (limit 1 vote/team/day). Get friends and teammates to vote daily to increase your chances of guessing the highest vote tale correctly, because you earn even more points when you guess the Tale that earns the most votes by the deadline. All Players are helping shape our journey to Canterbury!

Stuff: Coming later: Buy CDs to earn points.

Applications: Play online and/or with an app on your mobile device (coming later). Spreading the word in person and by phone is vital, too, but points get tracked online.

Help us Improve:

Have an idea to improve the game or game experience? Contact us and share your ideas. Remember, we’re on this Journey to Canterbury together!

Please read the Terms and Conditions using the button to the right.

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