All teams work together on these common goals.
A sold-out house = Alchemy!

Alchemy: Help us sell out a show, and the team with the most points will earn the Alchemists' Pot of Gold, a CASH PRIZE percentage of the profits for themselves OR the charity of their choice. Every active team also earns 400 bonus points, as a reward for their activities in helping us sell out.

GOAL #1: Fill 150 seats at Seventh Avenue Performs in San Francisco on May 19, 2012, 7:30 pm. (Alchemy will pay the winning team approximately $400 and double every team’s points)

GOAL #2: Fill 200 seats at Christ Presbyterian Church in San Rafael on May 20, 2012, 2:00 pm. Alchemy will pay the winning team approximately $600 and double every team’s points)

With these two Alchemy sold-out performances only a day apart, it is likely the same team will win both – around $1000! The winning team may claim the CASH PRIZE winnings for their designated charity or themselves or send one Alchemists' Pot of Gold to a charity and keep the other.

Earn Points by doing any of the following:

(For more information as to how points are awarded,
please click Rules and/or Terms and Conditions below.

Buy tickets (4 pts/$1)
Recruit others to buy tickets (2 pts/$1)
Build something (donation) (4 pts/$1)
Recruit others to build (2 pts/$1)
Recruit another team (20 pts)
Vote on next tale to open (1 pt/vote)
Guess next opening correctly (40 pts)
Social Media posting (6 pts)
Blog review (10 pts)
Answer performance question (5 pts)
Bonus Points (See Rules)
Data for most activities will be tracked automatically.
For those that are not, please click on “Enter Info.”

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Rank Team Points
1 Jolly Jaunting Sojourners 6
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Sign 1
spacerThe JourneyspacerAt each stop along the journey to Canterbury you will have an opportunity to vote on the Tale you would like to see opening next, as well as guess as to which Tale will open next. You may only guess once, but you can vote as often as once a day. Voting will influence which show will be next, so a given guess can be made more likely by voting.

To vote or guess, roll over any of the numbered signs indicating upcoming shows.


Chanticleer & the Fox: Nun's Priest's Tale

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Team Code: (Until then, points tracked thru purchases)

Journey to Canterbury
Playing the Game

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The Dream: Team up to be part of the living Canterbury Tales dream in full houses all the way to Canterbury, England. Build your team and together collect points by taking actions that will make this living dream come true as quickly as possible, winning money for your designated charity (or your team) with each full house, moving closer to winning the Grand Prize, and journeying with the pilgrims through the great experience of being in a full house at a Geoffrey Chaucer & Co. performance near you!

WINNING STRATEGIES: Build a strong networking team of folks with contacts in the SF Bay Area. We will expand nationally and internationally, but this is the way to get the strongest start in the game – and as we start doubling points through Alchemy, a strong start means an even stronger finish! Buy your own tickets to start racking up your points. Call to invite your friends. Use the “Invite others to the show” email (coming soon) or create your own to spread the word. Use social media. The more we collaborate and the faster we take action, the better the chance we have of our first successful Alchemy (a sold-out performance). Alchemy is the trigger that gifts a CASH PRIZE percentage of net proceeds to the winning team or to their designated charity.

For more information, see Rules and Terms & Conditions

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