Are social and cultural intolerance problems at your school? Would you like to address these issues  while simultaneously supporting your academic curriculum?
Learn more about Chaucer Theatre’s C.R.E.A.T.E.
ultivating Respect, Empathy and Appreciation through Theatrical Engagement

Performance and Facilitated Discussion

5 Maiden 2-18-09_-354.jpgWhat are the social and cultural intolerance issues at your school? 
Hispanic vs. White, Gay vs. Straight, Asian vs. Black, Nerd vs. Jock, Poor vs. Rich,
Christian vs. Jewish, Muslim vs. Buddhist, Male vs. Female...
The labels we choose for ourselves and others are often divisive and socially destructive.  Our youth, searching for ways to fit in and feel accepted, frequently get caught up in an emotional battleground that creates enemies – some group or groups they can feel better than and therefore ok in themselves.

Chaucer Theatre presents an opportunity to address issues of prejudice and intolerance while enhancing your English, History, Social Studies and Drama curriculum.  In Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, the Wife of Bath shares an Arthurian tale: After taking advantage of a young maiden, a knight races against time to save his own life when King Arthur's queen sends him on a desperate quest to discover WHAT IS IT THAT WOMEN MOST DESIRE? The answer to this question, as it turns out, is not the most valuable lesson he learns. This arrogant knight, filled with prejudices across gender, class and socio-economic lines, is transformed by the love of a woman strong enough to stand up to his arrogance, wise enough to help him open his eyes to truly see beyond the surface, and tender enough to win his love and respect.


Shira Marin Pic 11.09.jpgChaucer Theatre combines this ever-pertinent tale in theatrical performance with a discussion and Q&A led by psychotherapist Shira Marin, L.M.F.T. Shira Marin has maintained a psychotherapy practice for three decades working with adults and adolescents. Her expertise spans individual, couple, and family therapy as well as group facilitation and teaching. In each milieu, personal work addresses cross-cultural and multi-generational issues involving race, gender, and class as well as developmental life stages and communication. Her special interest is supporting the expression of clients' unique, personal truth, needs, and desires in the context of society.

Chaucer Theatre 2-18-09_-310.jpgThe Canterbury Tales, frequently taught as part of the English curriculum, is brought to life for students in a way that supports their understanding and appreciation of this masterpiece of English literature.  Class and caste systems, as studied in Social Studies and History, are seen in action during the play, which is set in 14th century England.  Drama and Music students experience professional theatre and have the opportunity to connect directly with professional actors and director/composer.

Stimulus questions and suggested activities are provided to further enhance this learning opportunity and to support teachers as they connect the performance and discussion to their curricular focus. Drawing together the acceptance issues raised in the performance, the pertinent points covered in the discussions, and the students’ related challenges in their school and community, creates an exceptional learning experience.


Assembly: 30 min. performance followed by discussions and Q&A adjustable to fit your school schedule and needs.
Assemblies may be set up for multiple performance assemblies OR a single performance followed by discussions with smaller groups of students.

What are the expected and potential benefits?

Ø       Improved ability to learn when students feel safer through addressing issues of conflict in a way that does not involve “pointing fingers” or accusations

Ø       Reduced violence on campus and in the local school community

Ø       Improved understanding of how and why class and caste systems exist and improved skills to affect these systems on a local level

Ø       Reduced vandalism

Ø       Increased understanding of one of the great literary masterpieces

Ø       Reduced injury and death in violent encounters

Ø       Breaking the cycle of intolerance as graduates have children of their own

Ø       Improved interpersonal skills and understanding

Ø       Lower teen suicide rate

Ø       Increased appreciation for how we can use creativity and the arts to make a difference socially


Chaucer Theatre’s C.R.E.A.T.E. Program:

Ø       We work with you to customize the performance and discussion elements to best meet your needs. This may mean multiple performances/discussions or a single performance with multiple discussions

Ø       Fees are based on how many students participate in the program, how many performances and how many discussions are involved. Fees tend to run approx. $1/student. For a quote, please give us a call.

Ø       We continue to actively seek funding to make it possible to bring this program to schools at a reduced fee or at no charge. If you would like to submit your school for a free or reduced fee program, please contact us at 415-491-0818. We will soon have a form on our website for you to submit for this request.

We are dedicated to working with you to make this program possible for your school. Whatever obstacles seem to be in the way, please discuss them with us and let us brainstorm solutions with you. “It takes a village...” and we’re part of that village.

Help your students C.R.E.A.T.E. a better world. Call or email today.


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